Ukraine Invasion by Russia

Effective from Saturday the 5th of March I resigned from the Huawei KOL Program, due to both China’s and Huawei lack of a statement on the war in the Ukraine and Russia’s targeting of civilians in their unjustifiable war. Key Opinion Leadership (KOL) holds a moral responsibility also. I have wished Huawei every success as Read More

Agility in business Karl A L Smith talks to Engati CX

Karl A L Smith Co-Founder of Agile World talks about what Is an Agile Organization and shares some examples of Agility in Business. He also talks about the next normal and agile working and how HR can help other departments become Agile. Engati is the world’s leading multilingual Digital CX platform. It is a one-stop Read More

Dyslexia SuperPowers by Karl Smith, Sabrina C E Bruce and Scott Seivwright

Although I’m exhausted from all the different things I have been working on at the moment, and the two books published this year already, I’m working on one more a short guide to Dyslexia SuperPowers. People with Dyslexia have SuperPowers, they manifest often as immense quickness to not only understand but also see from multiple Read More

Agile an Unexpected Journey Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith

Agile an Unexpected Journey: A Compendium of Agile Biographies This idea for this book Agile an Unexpected Journey was simple in 2020 I thought about how could I celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the Agile Manifesto in February 2021? Easy I hear you say, not so easy in fact pretty hard to Read More

Designing for Human Experience Karl Smith

This book is about what Karl Smith has done for a living since 1989 in Designing for Human Experience. Here have put together an anthology of my life and my passion for designing for human experience. I describe what I do as designing for human experience because you can’t design experience as it resides in Read More

Person mountain climbing

I’m writing this because I keep reading things written about leadership, written to sell a concept, define a behaviour or offer a service clearly written by people with no actual leadership experience. So while I can’t fix that situation I can provide some useful information on True Leadership. Seeking a leadership role is prevalent in Read More

#ubinetus has released 200 #UbiNETcToken which issue #ThingCoin at a fixed asset price of $500,000 the #Fiat raised will be used to build the first fully functioning @UbiNET this is costed as being $100,000,000. To note interest respond here #Crypto #FCFS the current structure is; ThingCoin – Data management of unique id = 100,000,000 for building Read More

The UbiNET Platform is built up from several propositions that each hold a key relationship ecosystem. UbiNET is designated a planet wide system as its architecture is designed for any planet and an in-transit mode for between planets. UbiNET Platform – Blockchain data management of unique id in ThingCoin UbiNET-c-Token – Corporation (Business) Cryptocurrency that Read More

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