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Karl Smith has had an unusual career that means some of what he has worked on cannot be published or referenced, other things can. I will use this site to talk about the skills I have developed, case studies they relate to and some of the extraordinary change I have helped to bring about. All Read More

I have been an Agile practitioner a very long time, in fact as an Instructional Designer I was very excited when Agile was created based upon Computer Human Interaction methods and thinking. As one complete fully applied process Agile is astoundingly effective at bringing together all the best capabilities within a project team and totally Read More

I was recently challenged on why UCD should innovateĀ at all? A fair question as UCD has been seen as quite a passive activity, that is either intrinsic “yes we are all user focused”, meaning no user research is done* or done as an after thought so does not effect projects at the right point (stage Read More

FromĀ WWW/Internet 2005 Proceedings   Why do internet users behave as they do, are their activities solely determined by website design? Alternatively do they create their own pathways as a response to designated systems? For many, internet design is about the imposition of schemas, predetermined flows and consumer motifs, allowing the shepherding of an understood and Read More